Pali’s latest video revealed!

Pali may have won awards for their cutting edge technology but take a look at this short video to see first-hand how their IT solutions and innovative developments have genuinely benefitted their clients and streamlined their clients own systems.

Pali – Property And Land Information is a national, multi-award winning Conveyancing Search Company. Having won their latest award only last week for Best Use of Technology at the Eclipse Proclaim Modern Law Conveyancing Awards, highlights just how important IT is to Pali.

Pali has been providing solicitors and conveyancers with quality conveyancing searches since 1999. As technology has evolved, so has the service Pali provide and today Pali offer clients an online solution for the ordering and retrieval of not only conveyancing searches but other products required such as Anti-Money Laundering Searches, Indemnity Policies, OS Plans and much more. Furthermore, to make their clients lives even easier, Pali has integrated with partner companies such as Groundsure, CLS, AML Search, Land Registry and Ordnance Survey as well as Case Management Systems such as Eclipse Proclaim meaning their clients only need to log in to one system for everything.

Pali has won many awards recently for a combination of Customer Service, Searches and Technology so to find out how you can join the winning team and receive quality searches coupled with a first-class service, visit or email [email protected].

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