Pali launches new revolutionary system for conveyancers

Pali is pleased to announce they can now offer their solicitor clients a streamlined system that will allow anyone within their firm to quote prospective clients for conveyancing either face to face, over the telephone or via email, in seconds.

By simply entering basic information, this new facility will calculate the quote in real time from previous information set by the solicitor firm. As the Pali system is integrated with Land Registry and Ordnance Survey, all major aspects of the property such as tenure, unregistered properties, solar panel loans (and more!) are automatically calculated. It also works out the stamp duty and Land Registry fees. Furthermore it can even be added to solicitor’s websites, matching the same web design, therefore enabling the solicitor to capture out of hours leads. If the solicitor chooses to have this system on their own website, members of the public will receive a quote INSTANTLY online, they are then emailed confirmation of the quote and have the ability to accept it through the same email, all whilst the solicitor’s offices are closed. Pali can even include estate agent partners in the loop by adding the webpage to their site, again completely white-labelled, yet still have the solicitor receive the quote business. Any referral fees will automatically be sent to the Estate Agent. Automatic, slick, streamlined and instant.

Frequently asked questions include; How can the quotes be accurate when applied for online if there’s no human intervention? What if we charge different prices for different areas of the country? What happens if I want to amend the calculated price at the final stage? We have the answers to all these questions. Please contact [email protected]

Please note this facility is only available to clients of Pali.

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