Pali in conjunction with Simply Move Home reveal their ground-breaking new Search

Multi-award winning Search Company Pali, has recently teamed up with home-moving consultants SimplyMoveHome and together are launching an industry first at the beginning of April 2018.

Technology is always developing and so is the solar system and through the ground-breaking technology SimplyMoveHome uses from Pali to provide the most detailed property searches in the industry, April 2018 will see the revolutionary ‘Asteroid Search’ that will predict the likelihood of your new home being hit by an asteroid in the next hundred years.

Asteroid Search

Many factors should influence your decision when buying your new home such as drains, subsidence, new building planning permission, and even new rail links but until now activity from beyond our planet has been ignored.


Pali pride themselves on having access to the most detailed information any buyer or seller of property might need to help them make an educated decision on whether or not to proceed with their purchase and therefore feel that offering clients information on whether there is imminent threat of their home being hit by an asteroid within the next hundred years truly makes Pali a market leader in property searches.

Simon Lewis, senior consultant at SimplyMoveHome said We recognised the extra lengths Pali go to for their clients as well as the impressive cutting-edge technology they have, so we are delighted to embark on this exciting development with such a forward thinking company’.

David Hayhurst, MD of 174 Law said ‘Space the final frontier…  given the multiple challenges (flooding, radon gas, asbestos, etc) in the conveyancers world it is easy to overlook extra-terrestrial risks. Fortunately Pali has boldly gone where no search provider has gone before with its new “Asteroid Search”, beam us up Scottie we are definitely on board!’

Pali’s senior executive in the search department has taken personal responsibility for keeping the asteroid data current and is checking the solar and lunar systems, and beyond, regularly for any signs of asteroid activity which conceivably threatens each property in the United Kingdom.

Head of search department Mr C Kent, who has a special unique knowledge of other planets commented: “This takes property searches and conveyancing to a new level and although we are currently the only conveyancing intermediary offering this particular search we are confident our competitors are busily developing the technology to be able to offer this service in the next couple of years.”

For more information on the new Asteroid Search please contact a friendly member of the Pali Team on 0800 023 5030 / [email protected].

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