Pali brings you their latest report

Pali in conjunction with Groundsure and PlanVal, is pleased to announce we can now offer you the UK’s first Capital Allowances Search.

What is the Capital Allowances Search?

Undertaking Capital Allowance checks on commercial properties can identify if your clients are eligible for tax benefits of up to 20% off the property purchase price. This tax benefit could save tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds for your client.  As a generalisation most commercial properties or multiple occupancy buy to let residential properties are eligible for the tax benefit.

Why do I need a Capital Allowance Report?

The report ascertains the potential Capital Allowance and provides definitive opinion for your client’s property transaction. The report doesn’t require the solicitor or the client to hold specialist tax knowledge and comes complete with a certificate highlighting the potential for Capital Allowances. Should your client’s property be eligible for this tax relief, our partners PlanVal have specialists on hand to ensure claims are supported by experienced tax accountants, Surveyors and HMRC.

To view a Sample Capital Allowances report please click here.

Law Society Stance

  • LS published a Practice Note effective from April 2014: View Practice Note
  • Capital Allowance responsibility clearly placed with the law firm
  • Non-compliance with this guidance may lead to a negligence claim; potentially high value


RRP £60 inc VAT
Delivery time seconds
Reliance £2m*

If you would like to purchase a Capital Allowances Report, please contact Pali on 0151 691 1170 or email: [email protected]

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