OneSearch Direct Launches Industry-Wide Survey For Conveyancers

OneSearch Direct, the largest local search data company in the UK, has launched an industry-wide survey to seek clarification on what truly matters to today’s conveyancers in the UK.

Open to everyone who works within the conveyancing industry, the survey will determine where priorities lie when it comes to search providers, value added services, and CPD. It will also establish attitudes towards areas of risk such as cybercrime, money laundering, and inaccurate/missing data.

As a thank you for entering, OneSearch Direct are offering a £50 Amazon eGift card to three randomly selected winners. The survey will close on 30th November 2019 with results published on the OneSearch Direct website, and can also be sent directly to your inbox using an option within the survey.

Lidia Quinlan, Head of Sales, OneSearch Direct, comments:

“Like any business, we’re always looking for ways to make our clients’ lives easier. What we’ve witnessed over the last twenty-seven years, however, is an industry flooded with “cutting-edge” and “revolutionary” solutions, which are often incongruent to our clients’ workflows and in-house processes. Sadly we often hear of law firms finding themselves locked into complex integrations or software licensing agreements, which can be near impossible to break away from further down the line.

“I read a recent LinkedIn debate on whether cybercrime was as malignant as we were being led to believe, or whether the threat level had been inflated by companies offering cybercrime solutions. Of course cybercrime is a massive blight on our industry, and this was quickly verified by independent sources, but this is just one example of the level of scepticism prevalent in today’s law firms, and I can’t say I entirely blame them. Our worry is that solicitors are becoming cynical towards genuinely beneficial solutions, as they believe it only exists to serve the provider’s purposes, rather than theirs.

“With this, we want to be clear on our 2020 strategy by focusing on how we can best support our clients with their genuine pain points. By looking at what conveyancers need from their search provider, and which areas of risk gives the most cause for concern, we can pinpoint exactly where search providers, as a whole, are showing true value, and where efforts may simply be overlooked.”

The survey can be found here:

To reach the widest audience and gain the most accurate results, please share this survey widely with your colleagues.

For more information on OneSearch Direct, please visit or call 0800 052 0117.

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