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With heightened pressure to meet homebuilding targets, the Government has set out a productivity plan to address the UK’s housing shortage. Along with increased compulsory purchase powers, and relaxed planning restrictions, there are proposals for automatic permission to build on brownfield land. This introduction of a new Zonal systemi has created a fresh wave of concern for solicitors, who are expected to present any contaminated land risks to the homebuyer.

Due to the majority of brownfield land having a prior history of industrial or commercial use, there is an increased risk of contamination from hazardous waste or pollution. The UK’s leading self-build magazine, ‘Build It’, statedii: “Nowadays it is almost unheard of to find a brownfield site that doesn’t have some form of contamination.”

While redevelopment of brownfield land can currently only take place once stringent environmental checks have been carried out, there are now concerns that the automatic permission proposals will jeopardise the risk mitigation process. The Royal Institute of British Architects has claimediii that the Government is seen to be ‘tearing up planning rules’.

This is why OneSearch Direct has partnered with Landmark Information Group to offer a free webinar, which will address solicitors’ concerns about providing clients with all relevant environmental information related to building on brownfield sites. The webinar will look at the environmental and contaminated land risk assessment reports that are available to solicitors, developers and homebuyers and provide a solid foundation upon which decisions can be based. The 1-hour CPD presentation will go into detail on how contaminated land will affect you, the solicitor, in the conveyancing process.

Paul Maillardet, Channel Manager at OneSearch Direct, comments:

“The Government’s removal of what they are calling ‘unnecessary planning obstacles’ has been the subject of wide controversy of late. It is logical to assume that these measures were once deemed ‘necessary’ for a reason, so to hear that planning restrictions are being relaxed in order to increase the appetite to build, can bring unease to many solicitors. While I applaud proactive steps in increasing the UK housing supply, I can also understand why my clients have concerns. It’s their duty to present any contaminated land risks to the homebuyer, after all.

“This webinar will debunk common myths and empower solicitors to make confident decisions. Our webinars are always hugely successful, and those who take part really do come away with valuable knowledge.”

Phillip Hill, Account Manager for Landmark Information Group, comments:

“Our webinar will look at the most common environmental issues that arise in property transactions and how these can be effectively identified and managed by conveyancers, using desktop environmental reports and contaminated land risk assessment tools, based on multiple datasets.”

The webinar can be viewed from the comfort of your own desk, and will take place on Tuesday 22nd September, at 2:00pm. Registration is limited to 100 places, so please sign up early to avoid disappointment. You can sign up by clicking here.

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