New website to speed up search process for conveyancers

Conveyancing searches are set to get faster following the launch of SearchFlow’s new website.
The new site has gone live today (2nd July). The completely overhauled state of the art B2B interface has been developed with usability as the guiding principle. It also offers greater flexibility for different categories of searches and for the first time, users are able to select multiple ‘favourite’ search options, so conveyancing professionals can choose templates for different categories of property.
Richard Hinton, business development director of SearchFlow said: “The new site is designed with busy conveyancers in mind to take our offering to a new level of operational efficiency. It takes a common-sense approach to cut out any unnecessary delays and streamline the search process. In our development process we paid close attention to conveyancer behaviour and the end product is the result of our deep understanding of the search ordering process.”
SearchFlow has made a preview version of the new site available to its customers who have received it well.
Nicholas Masheder, Partner, Beaumont Legal said:  “We are impressed with the increased flexibility and search options on the new SearchFlow site. This interface is faster, more functional and incredibly useable. Our search processes have become more efficient because of it.”
Simon Brooks, Head of Residential Conveyancing, Brookes & Partners Solicitors said: “The new site has been put together by people who really understand the needs of conveyancers and the overhaul has been a great success. Faster more efficient searching is the welcome result.”
Richard Hinton said: “We’re delighted our customers have offered such a positive response to our new site thereby confirming our objective to offer a simpler and smoother search ordering process to the conveyancing industry.”
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