New CoPSO member to shape future of digital conveyancing

X-Press Legal Services has become a member of The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) Executive team and will join other Executive members in shaping the direction and future of the Council.

James Sherwood-Rogers, CoPSO Chairman comments:

“The appointment of X-Press Legal Services to the CoPSO Executive will bring a lot to the table in terms of sharing their deep knowledge and experience of the search industry. Christian Lister who will represent X-Press on the Executive has previously had extensive stakeholder engagement and is well known and respected within the sector.”

X-Press Legal Services partners with hundreds of law firms in England and Wales to produce hundreds of thousands of property search reports each year.

Christian Lister, Operations Director at X-Press comments:

“With the amount of change and consolidation that has taken part in the search industry in recent years, the time is absolutely right for us to become more deeply involved with CoPSO through the Executive. As the UK’s biggest independent search firm, we look forward to playing a positive, informed and constructive role in helping to shape the future of our industry in this ever-changing digital landscape.”

X-Press Legal Services joins Conveyancing Data Services (CDS), Dye and Durham, Terra Firma, Future Climate Info, Infotrak and Move Reports as part of the CoPSO Executive membership.

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