Do You Need Help Deciding How Best To Meet The Deadline On Price And Service Transparency?

6th December 2018 has arrived and the legal sector is now living in an age of price and service transparencyThe new SRA and CLC Transparency rules are designed to give consumers more information to enable them to make an informed choice when choosing legal services, such as conveyancing services. Firms will also have to publish the typical timescale for their quoted services and list their staff’s experience and legal qualifications. A new digital register will include the names of regulated law firms in England and Wales, requiring them to display a digital badge on their websites, along with the firm’s complaints procedure.

Whilst the new rules have been designed to ensure the general public are better informed, they also provide new commercial opportunities for firms delivering these services in the consumer driven ‘I want it now’ digital market place, enabling them to communicate on different levels with potential clients, whilst generating new business from alternative channels, with the competitive advantages this brings.

Pali’s intelligent software solution ‘Smart Quote’ is designed to meet the new transparency requirements for conveyancing services, complying with both the mandatory requirements and best practice tips and guidance set out by the SRA and CLC regulatory bodies and is tailored to each law firm’s individual needs.

In this customer service orientated and consumer driven market, we are currently helping firms not only meet the regulations, but also assisting them in maximising the commercial opportunities this presents. Importantly, providing a platform which doesn’t just focus on pricing, but represents a firm’s key features and values of the conveyancing services they provide, whilst enabling them to be compliant in time for the December deadline, with the minimum of hassle.

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