Muve Automates The Conveyancing Process With Help From Hoowla

By saving time and removing the need for double data entry with Hoowla, Muve can focus on providing an exceptional client experience.

As a conveyancing firm that specialises in using modern technology to make property transactions easier for its customers, Muve were looking for a tool to help them provide quick quotes and regular updates to their client base of estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Hoowla provided the perfect solution. By integrating Hoowla’s API into their own bespoke client web portal, the company have been able to keep track of enquiries on multiple cases, ensuring that nothing gets missed while saving the team valuable time.

Expiry dates and reminders are automatically created, and Muve can also use Hoowla to generate the letters required for each case. Automating the conveyancing process by using personalised software such as Hoowla also means that the chance for human error is minimised, while company level reporting as a whole is greatly improved.

Thanks to Hoowla, key processes such as welcome pack creation and post completion are possible in a matter of clicks. Muve’s growing team can access the materials they need from separate offices, preventing unnecessary emails and long-winded file sharing solutions.

Muve CEO David Jabbari has been impressed with the capabilities of Hoowla’s case management software.

He comments:

“Most systems do not allow API access, but by using Hoowla we’ve been able to update our own client web portal, which saves us from manually retyping enquiries into letters and emails.

“Double entry of data would take up extra time that our team can’t afford to waste – we have a high volume of transactions to deal with, so it’s important that we can send out welcome packs and documents quickly when enquiries arise. With Hoowla, it only takes a couple of clicks.”

Hoowla is proud to be helping Muve automate the conveyancing process with its specialised case management software.

Hoowla CEO Adam Curtis, says:

“Muve are exactly the type of conveyancers we like to work with.

“Their attitude to technology is very forward-thinking and I am looking forward to supporting their growth.”

Could your law firm benefit from a sophisticated case management solution that saves time while offering customisable templates and workflows? Hoowla could be just what you need: get in touch today, or watch our two-minute demo to learn more about how it works.

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