Moneypenny Launches Dedicated Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Product For Law Firms

As part of its award-winning telephone answering provision for the legal sector, Moneypenny will be offering a dedicated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery product to law firms from July 2012. This new product will ensure firms comply with Lexcel v5, adhere to the Code of Conduct and maintain client experience.

Moneypenny recognises that a major contributor to positive client communication experience, compliance and commercial common sense for any law firm, is to ensure that Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes are in place – and can be relied upon.

One of the areas where this is most visible to clients is a firm’s switchboard provision and the ability to make consistent telephone contact with lawyers at any time. In many cases, this issue presents significant frustrations for clients (negative client experiences) when having to queue or hearing out of office announcements.

An unmanned switchboard could be the result of a receptionist’s inability to get to work; a minor technical failure, such as a switchboard breakdown; or something more catastrophic, like a network or exchange failure external to the firm itself. In the event of network disruption, the impact would be felt in seconds, but more alarmingly, could go on for extended periods. Peace of mind would come from being able to invoke the firm’s implemented business continuity plan, by switching all calls to Moneypenny.

Joanna Swash, Director at Moneypenny, comments: “Working with over 700 law firms means we have first-hand experience of the challenges the legal profession faces on a daily basis. For this reason, we already offer an experienced team who are dedicated to looking after calls for the legal sector.”

“Moneypenny’s new Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery product will be available to clients with only a small set up fee and monthly retainer that’s dependent upon size of firm. Essentially, we see the service as a low-cost ‘insurance policy’ which gives firms the ability to switch calls to us immediately, should they have need to do so. Quite simply, it’s a quick and effective way of ticking all the boxes when it comes to maintaining high service levels, maximising internal resources and presenting a professional front at all times.”

Moneypenny is also positioned to be able to offer consultancy and audits on existing Business Continuity provisions for telephony. For more information, please call 0333 355 7721 or email [email protected]

Key product benefits:

– Conform to Lexcel v5 standard of Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

– Adhere to the Code of Conduct

– Adhere to the requirements of the LSC and other potential funding bodies

– Respond to the current demands of tenders for legal services

– Ensure that client experience is at least maintained and probably enhanced

– Sustain out of hours contacts with clients

– Offer a professional and commercial service

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