Mining ground risk specialist supports fast growth with new look

Terrafirma, a specialist provider of due diligence solutions for the complex physical, financial and legal risks associated with the UK’s mining legacy and the risks the ground poses, has launched its new brand and identity which includes a new website and supporting strapline, ‘understand the ground’.

With sinkholes appearing in the headlines with alarming regularity Terrafirma’s renewed commitment to ‘understand the ground’ has never been more relevant. Terrafirma is changing the way professionals identify, assess, manage and resolve the risks the ground poses. Combining existing and unique data with a professional opinion, it has created a platform to disrupt environmental risk assessment and management across the UK.

“Terrafirma’s extraordinary growth has meant we have been unable to focus on creating a brand identity, that suits the company’s ethos, ambitions and principles, instead focussing on innovating and delivering excellent product and client service,” explains Tom Backhouse, CEO and Founder, Terrafirma.

“This has now changed – instead of building an identity, Terrafirma has found one. We have used our unique perspective to help us grow into an identity that supports our growing partner network, one that is characterised by our professional yet personal approach to customer service, our ambition to continue changing perceptions and our ability to understand the ground,” adds Tom.

This article was submitted to be published by Terrafirma as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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