LMS releases Secure Link® messaging service to streamline conveyancing process

LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancer and panel management specialist, has announced the launch of its innovative Secure Link messaging service to better streamline the conveyancing process and improve case query turnaround times.

The Secure Link® service will enable law firms to raise common post-offer queries with RBS and NatWest. As both lenders are prioritising queries channelled through this service, firms can expect to benefit from swifter response times, enabling them to keep cases moving quickly. Both NatWest and RBS are making Secure Link the preferred communication channel for post offer – pre completion queries to either lender.

This new service from LMS is available across the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Commenting on the news, Nick Chadbourne, Chief Executive of LMS said: 

Streamlining the conveyancing process has always been a key aim for LMS, and our innovative Secure Link® messaging service is playing its part by helping to improve case query turnaround times, making conveyancing quicker and more able to deal with an increasingly digital mortgage process.

“Online messaging is already a common feature in other areas of everyday life. The Secure Link® Messaging service will, therefore, bring conveyancing in line with the digital transformation occurring in other sectors, which has proved indispensable during the pandemic.

“Both RBS and NatWest have adopted Secure Link® to transform the way in which their post offer queries are dealt with. I am sure that many other lenders will follow suit. By using Secure Link® messaging services, you can stay abreast with these developments, helping yourself, lenders and your clients.”


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