LFS secure Government speaker for key panel debate on referral fees

Law Firm Services (LFS) is pleased to announce that Matt Prior of the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) will be appearing at this year’s Conference, sponsored by Groudsure.

Matt is set to feature in a brand new session to discuss one of the most topical issues facing the property industry at present – Referral Fees.

A contentious topic for all involved in the process, Referral Fees have been the subject of both praise and scrutiny over recent years, particularly in the wake of the Government’s Call for Evidence.

The consultation highlighted the concern among professionals, organisations and consumers alike, with uncertainty surrounding the legitimacy of the recommendations given and the need to provide disclosure upfront.

This will be the focus of this key panel debate; headed by Matt, the session will explore the pros and cons of the fees, how current practice could be changed and what this might mean for those in the sector.

Matt has worked in the MHCLG for the past 9 years, having previously led a review of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure planning regime used to obtain planning permission for the country’s biggest projects.

Having had a key role in relaying industry feedback to ministers during last year’s Call for Evidence, Matt is highly aware of the issues raised by conveyancers regarding the home buying process, as well as those faced by consumers.

As well as leading the Government’s work to deliver a home buying process which is both faster and cheaper, Matt is the main civil servant who is investigating the issue of referral fees, reporting to ministers on what – if any – changes should be made. This includes the possibility of an outright ban.

As well as announcing Matt’s appearance at this year’s Conference, LFS is also keen to ensure the voices of the industry are engaged with and listened to during this key debate.

That’s why we are inviting two additional members to come and join Matt on the Referral Fees panel.

In order to reflect both sides of the debate, we’re looking for one professional who is in favour of the ban and another who supports the current practice around the fees. Both successful applicants will be awarded free entrance to this year’s Conference!

If you’re interested in sitting alongside Matt Prior to discuss this key issue facing the industry, please contact Richard Mathias by emailing [email protected]. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

The debate will be held during the Marketing Seminar hosted by One Search, so if you want to attend, make sure you book your place here.

This year’s Conference is set to take place on the 19th September at the Vox Centre in Birmingham.  Tickets are issued on a first come first served basis and are selling fast – get yours here.

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