LegalinX provides flood reports vital for future home buyers

With entire villages being evacuated and hundreds more left without power in the aftermath of Storm Desmond, how confident are you that your client’s new property doesn’t sit in a flood affected area?

As the clean-up goes on, the hardship will continue for many residents as the price of flood insurance will inevitably increase with some properties rendered uninsurable. The Government has pledged £50 million to help households and businesses affected by the floods but critics say this is nowhere near enough. Studies have shown that flooding caused by heavier rainfall will be a major threat to more and more people across the country so it is imperative that future homebuyers understand the risk their property could be under.

LegalinX provides a comprehensive flood report that gives a full analysis of the flood risk to any residential property being purchased in the UK. Our suppliers, Landmark, use historical flood data and professional assessment to bring together their HomeCheck Professional Flood Report. The report uses specialist flood data from JBA Risk Management to outline the risk of river, costal and surface water flooding, as well as Official Environment Agency Data to identify any flood zones and defences within a 500m area. A front summary page provides a Pass or Further Action grading, allowing you to make an informed decision at a glance. The Insurability Assessment also advises your client on the likelihood of obtaining insurance at standard terms on their future property.

With the unpredictability of weather and flood warning and alerts being issued all over the UK, use the HomeCheck Professional Flood Report to arm your client with all the information on flooding they need before they buy.

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