LegalinX-7Side ready for future of mandatory flood checks

Conveyancers have recently predicted that flood check searches will soon become mandatory during all property transactions, and with the reoccurring theme of flooding in the UK due to adverse winter weather conditions it is clear to see why. Since the Christmas time floods, demand for flood reports has risen considerably, this shows that flooding has become a concern for home buyers. But are you fully aware of what searches are available to you that will satisfy the requirements of the Law Society’s Flood Practice Notes?

LegalinX-7Side can equip you with all of the necessary searches required to cover all due diligence during a residential property transaction. We have Landmark’s HomeCheck Flood Report that includes flood information covering risks from river, coastal, groundwater and surface water sources as well as a consultant’s professional opinion and an insurability statement. Flood data is taken from the largest specialist flood consultancy in the UK and the Official Environment Agency is compiled into an easy to read flood report with clear mapping of affected areas.

You can receive all this flood data plus coverage of even more environmental factors in Landmark’s newest RiskView Residential report. You’ll receive the same in depth information for flooding as well as further detailed coverage of ground stability hazards including mining and natural issues; contaminated land risks, meeting the requirements for the Law Society’s Practice Notes and energy and infrastructure projects in the surrounding area, such as wind and solar farms and details of licensed areas for on shore energy exploration.

As the latest report to be released from Landmark, it also includes the brand new digital mapping feature so you can view all the hazards and risks brought to light in the report. You’ll be able to address your clients concerns of flooding, plus other factors which may affect their property that previously they may not have been aware of, with the risk areas clearly mapped out in the user friendly digital map that will give them real perspective of the proximity. This report offers all you need and more, should flood checking become a mandatory part of purchasing a property.

LegalinX have been providing property search services to conveyancing professionals for over 20 years and provide both residential and commercial reports and searches nationwide. Our user friendly ordering platform features recommended searches and an area mapping facility with reports sent directly to you.

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