Legal firms approach us to support them with their new contracts

Last month was a very important one in the legal industry as the results from the Criminal Duty Tender were finally announced. After initially delaying the announcement by 2 weeks, 100s of firms finally found out if they were successful and how many additional contracts they would be taking on. Due to this a number of firms across the country have approached us recently, to help support them with the increased amount of calls they will be receiving.

Gemma Harding, Head of Client Services said: “We’re delighted to be able to assist these firms by handling calls from the Duty Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC) for them. By using us they don’t have to worry about missing another call from them and other penalties that come with it. We understand how important this is, so by outsourcing their calls for us to handle new business is secured for their firm instead of a competitors.

“We’ve been supporting the legal sector for over 17 years now so we know exactly how to handle all types of calls our legal clients receive.”

With research from earlier in the year proving that law firms were getting worse at handling telephone calls, it’s essential that these firms realise sooner than later that it’s more important for the client to choose them than the other way around. Clients and even the DSCC have access to plenty of alternative solicitors and firms, so if one firm handles the initial contact poorly then clients can move on to use one of their competitors instead. Likewise if calls from the DSCC are repeatedly missed by solicitors they can be taken off the list.

One expert recently stated that converting telephone enquiries into business is the easiest and most guaranteed way of generating massive additional revenue. If this is truly the case then all firms need to evaluate their current process and seek to improve the processes to make them more effective.

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