Lawyer Checker Security Challenge – Why Should You Take Part?

Daily SRA scam alerts, alarming media coverage and junk folders overflowing with phishing attempts – fraud is something we’re all highly aware of.

Despite everyone being on high alert, law firm’s brands are being hijacked by criminals and hard-earned reputations damaged every day. How can you be sure that your firm is safe?

As expert providers of risk management tools, we know that the majority of firms do not protect themselves against basic domain hijacking fraud. Though defences may be in place, firms will often become complacent where risk is concerned, failing to acknowledge that areas of weakness may leave them more vulnerable than they first thought. Whilst these areas may seem small to the firm, the opportunity they provide for fraudsters is huge – something only realised once they’re left out of pocket.

The only way to make sure that your business is protected is to test its defences – something which we at Lawyer Checker want to help you do. In order to assess the protection methods of your firm, we’re asking you to let us try and hijack your work email address and attempt to impersonate your email domain.

How will it work?

Once you’ve filled in the form here, we will call to confirm that it was you.

We will then attempt to send an email from your exact work email address to us, you and your team, closely monitoring what happens next.

We prioritise the protection of our clients – at no point will we impersonate you on a public facing level. As a purely internal test, we won’t do anything to damage your organisation in any way.

What if we can’t impersonate you?

If we are unable to hack you, we will send you a report which you can pass on to your indemnity insurers – this will clearly indicate that you are taking your risk prevention strategy seriously.

To take part in the challenge and check the strength of your firm’s defences, please click the link below.

We covered the importance of email protection and our latest product OnDMARC in a recent webinar – to listen to it for free, please click the link below.

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