Landfill now landfull!

For many, the prospect of autumn brought warm feelings for pumpkin spiced lattes, golden crisp leaves glazing the ground and wholesome hearty foods. The reality for many this year was devastating consequences due to flooding.

December 2015 was named the wettest month since Met Office records began. The torrential downpours left behind chaos, crisis and catastrophe. Buildings were destroyed and people were evacuated from their beloved homes leaving them in a state of despair.

Sadly many of these homes were destroyed including precious items within, bringing about another issue of landfills. Due to the carnage left behind by the floods, almost 30,000 tonnes of damaged household goods have been dumped in landfills.

Appliances such as freezers, fridges and washing machines have been destroyed, as well as furniture and carpets. Individually, this waste is maintained and dealt with. However when a number of these possessions are coming from an estimated 16,500 homes and businesses, a huge problem emerges with them being classed as ‘contaminated’ and non-recyclable. Many of these products contain a long list of hazardous substances, that when broken down can filter into the soil and groundwater. Not a pleasant thought for many homeowners nearby.

Nobody wants to live next door to a landfill site. Not only is the smell and sight something to be worried about as experienced by Robbie Williams, but there are potential health and safety dangers that can arise. Also a property near a landfill site can decrease in price depending on whether the site is active and whether the waste has been properly encapsulated.

Conveyancing Data Services offers an Environmental and Planning Search to tell you what lies around and beneath a property. A Groundsure Homebuyers report not only provides information on active landfill sites, but also historic sites. These reports can help reduce conveyancers’ exposure to negligence and guard the purchaser against property blight. All reports are compiled and interpreted by IEMA accredited environmental auditors.

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