Introducing Street Talking – a neighbourhood report

Street Talking is a new generation of neighbourhood intelligence report, and is now part of the property searches from Searches UK.

What is Street Talking?

Designed to support prospective home buyers with their decision, it provides a range of buyer-friendly useful information to paint an accurate picture to show all sides of the property. The report includes essential data to evaluate the property in a particular area, and includes social neighbourhood data.

What is in the report?

Key features:

  • Local services data (education, local amenities)
  • House price information for the area and council tax bands
  • Existing planning applications within 100m of the property
  • Local demographics (social neighbourhood profile data)


  • Valuable insight on planning applications that could impact or highlight extension opportunities
  • Satisfied buyers have all the facts at their fingertips
  • Satisfied sellers feel that their property is fully marketed with as many questions answered up front

How do I get a Street Talking report?

Simply contact the team at Searches UK to place an order with us, or if you are an existing client, ask for this report to be added to your online ordering platform.

Why would my client need this report?

The Street Talking report is a great asset to the property searches you order on behalf of your clients. It includes general information about the area the home buyer is about to move into, this includes hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, places of worship, information about local schools, council tax, the neighbourhood demographic and more. Compared to more traditional types of property searches, this report helps home buyers gain a better idea about the type of area they will move into.

Will I get the report with my Property Searches?

At Searches UK we can add the Street Talking report to a pack or bundle, or it can be ordered as a standalone product. You’ll be notified once an order has been placed with us and when the results of the report can be viewed by you. For more information call us on 0800 043 1815.

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