Introducing our new Homebuyers report

In recent months, the news has been awash with stories on flooding, sinkholes, landfills, fracking and noise pollution. Now more than ever, it’s best to make your client aware of these risks, before they complete their sale. With an all new look, the Groundsure Homebuyers report now has additional information free of charge! It is a fully-interpreted and risk-rated environmental screening report that tells you what lies beneath and around a property. The Groundsure Homebuyers is also the only residential report that offers you and your clients’ direct access to an in-house team of environmental consultants.

The new report, with no extra charge, comes packed with proposed flood defences and an enhanced energy alert (existing and proposed). Furthermore, it comes with a statement on the possibility of the property being ceded into Flood Re, based on the insurability level of the property for flood risk. This, combined with the easy to read tables and front page summary, makes this report an ideal choice. Each report also includes a large high-quality aerial photograph of the property and multiple colour maps displaying information. It also contains a simple ‘passed’ certificate which indicates a ‘clean bill of health’ or an ‘in need of further assessment’ certificate, which indicates further enquiries are required.

The report also covers the following:

  • Flood risk and flood insurability verdict
  • Radon exposure
  • Coal mining screening
  • Natural & mining cavities
  • Shallow mining assessment
  • Underground working & mining
  • Natural ground subsidence assessment
  • Potentially infilled land
  • Mobile transmitter locations
  • Ecologically sensitive sites
  • Contaminated land

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