Index Property Information Partner With Thirdfort

Providing identity checks can be difficult enough, given how sophisticated fraudulent documents can be. The new social distancing rules have made things even trickier for many conveyancers, leaving them struggling to deal with a lack of physical documents or face-to-face contact due to remote working.

Index Property Information have solved the problem by partnering with leading technology company Thirdfort, to integrate an innovative app with their existing services.

What is Thirdfort?

Thirdfort is a consumer-facing smartphone app which allows law firms to carry out identity checks remotely. Solicitors and conveyancers can onboard their clients in minutes, then quickly and easily perform checks on identity, PEPs, sanctions and funds.

The electronic identity verification (e-IDV) speeds up and streamlines checks, freeing up solicitors time and more accurately spotting fraudsters. Addresses are verified with Experian, while PEPs and sanction checks are carried out using LexisNexis and ComplyAdvantage. Identity photographs are analysed with Onfido technology, and subjected to biometric verification. Clients are also requested to take a video for a ‘liveness’ test; audio processing and face and mouth tracking are used to verify the video and alert solicitors to any fraudulent activity.

How does Thirdfort Work?

Using Thirdfort couldn’t be easier. The responsive app allows for easy onboarding and uploading of documents, giving you the results quickly and efficiently.

  1. Once you’ve initiated a check, your client will receive a text message encouraging them to download the app.
  2. Via a series of guided instructions, your client will be asked to photograph themselves and their ID. Thirdfort will then match them together and verify identity.
  3. Through a secure encrypted connection, the app joins with your clients bank account to perform funding checks.
  4. The client is then asked to scan and upload any other documents you might need.
  5. Once the check is completed, you’ll be given the results both online and via a downloadable PDF.

 What are the Benefits of Using Thirdfort?

The user-responsive Thirdfort app has a huge number of benefits:

  • Everything is in one place – the app carries out all the checks you need to verify your clients identity and financial situation via biometric testing, saving time. The bank linking and source of funds checks are completely unique in the market.
  • It’s Easy to Use – Thirdfort has been designed specifically for people of all ages to use, and is user responsive. Your clients are left feeling empowered and happy.
  • There’s Extensive Customer Service – the app has a great customer service team, which are on hand to help at any time. They can ask clients to resubmit documents or photographs which might otherwise fail the checks, guiding them through the process and answering any questions.
  • Thirdfort is Sector Focused – the app has been designed with the legal and property industries in mind. Rather than trying to satisfy the needs of several different sectors, the technology is based around the needs of solicitors and legal staff. Updates and developments are made solely on the feedback from conveyancers, estate agents, stakeholders and other relevant individuals.

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