inCase & Cyber Essentials

Security is of paramount importance to the team at inCase. We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Cyber Essentials (CE) kitemark. We endeavour to continuously keep our users safe online and are working hard to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus over the next few weeks.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a security accreditation recognised by the UK government. If you are tendering for any government work, you are expected to have CE accreditation for your business.

Having a CE accreditation shows commitment and assurance that your firm is following the government regulations to protect yourself and clients against common cyber threats.

How can inCase eradicate cyber crime within your firm?

At inCase we take cyber-crime extremely seriously. The legal industry is currently open to many threats and we have built our app with the following in mind:

Phishing Scam Protection: inCase helps eradicate phishing scams by hosting all forms, questionaries and documents in a secure environment. The electronic signature feature also allows clients to sign documentation directly within the app without having to use the postal service or email which is open to interception.

Identification Fraud: Clients follow a simple 8 step process to make sure they are who they say they are giving you peace of mind. The client uses the NFC chip reader in their phone to scan their passport chip.

Facial Recognition:
inCase uses the very latest facial recognition systems to make sure you know exactly who you are communicating with.

Biometric Login: Clients can choose to log in with their biometric login, through facial or fingerprint recognition. This assists in providing the highest level of security.

Anti-Money Laundering:
The inCase AML feature will check proof of funds by using enhanced database checks. Through the open banking regulations, we can provide transactional history and account details from the client’s bank, giving you peace of mind over proof of funds.

To learn more about Cyber Essentials and how to guard your organisation against cyber attacks visit the official website

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