Improving Client Services Through Innovative Technology

Anti-money laundering has been a hot topic in the news recently. Whilst compliance can be a huge factor for many firms, some technological offerings are also creating an additional benefit of improving efficiency and saving both clients and conveyancers precious time.

One such offering is being provided by Lawyer Checker after the law firm protection specialist partnered with Thirdfort to ensure customers are able to order the next generation client verification app direct from Lawyer Checker’s account.

Khan Mather Solicitors have recently implemented the innovative technology in their conveyancing department and have been impressed with the results.

Lauren Basger, Director of Khan Mather, said:

“Being able to stand out as a Law Firm in today’s current market is all about the ability to move with the times, Thirdfort via Lawyer Checker goes hand in hand with our firm’s forward thinking use of modern technology.

“Not only does it give us more confidence and security in our risk management, but the ability to offer our clients an easy and effortless solution to our compliance requirements which they can do from absolutely anywhere in the world.

“Thirdfort has been received exceptionally well by our clients who have unsurprisingly welcomed this facility as an effort to help reduce risk to their monies in a market which is often described as being rife with financial crime.”

Thirdfort’s user friendly and convenient mobile phone app expertly combines facial recognition technology, document verification and open banking technology.

Whilst conveyancing is an obvious practice area in which to focus efforts, the Money Laundering regulations apply to law firms across their practice areas and firms have benefited from a wider implementation.

Tom Lyes, Key Relationship Manager at The Practical Vision Network, home of Lawyer Checker, commented:

“More law firms are understanding that compliance need not be a burden, but that there are technologies out there that help to turn it from a sunken cost to a potential benefit to the business.”

After taking a name and mobile phone number, Thirdfort directs recipients to the app to complete the authentication process. The client is then guided through the ID verification and source of funds checks.

Following the completion of client information, the law firm is then presented with interpreted results of the risk to the law firm.

Find out more about the availability of Thirdfort through Lawyer Checker, CLICK HERE to book your online demonstration or contact Lawyer Checker on 0800 133 7127 today.

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