The Importance Of Cyber Certifications: Slater Heelis Case Study

Ensuring that your law firm achieves a recognised Cyber Security accreditation is no longer just a strategy recommended by the government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), it is a business expectation.

Failing to achieve this minimum expectation, will see you ostracised and marginalised from legal firms, consumers and third parties that are desperate to protect their sensitive data from cyber criminality.

Cyber Essentials is the perfect cyber accreditation for law firms that are at the beginning of their cyber certification journey and will ensure that your firm is protected from 80% of cyber crime. It will also begin to embed the importance of cyber security within the law firm.

Predating electricity, let alone the internet, Slater Heelis pride themselves on being part of the perpetual protection of the Manchester area for over 240 years.

Having successfully navigated their way through hundreds of years’ worth of potential threats to their business, Slater Heelis were able to recognise the cyber danger that is only going to increase in the future. Despite their longevity and considerable age, Slater Heelis had the foresight to recognise the importance of using Lawyer Checker to gain their Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Having achieved the Cyber Essentials certification within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire, Slater Heelis can now prove they have completed the minimum expected standards. This will give their clients, using a full range of legal services, greater confidence that their conveyancing information and money are protected.

Similarly, the various areas of family law including inheritance work, probate work and the sensitive information that my be included during divorce cases, are more protected because of their Cyber Essentials certification with Lawyer Checker.

Paul Doyle, of Slater Heelis, said:

“Slater Heelis wanted to show their clients that we take Cyber Security seriously, that’s why we decided to go for the Cyber Security Accreditation. The team at Practical Vison Network were excellent making the whole process fast and efficient.”

Jen Williams, Lawyer Checker’s Cyber Essentials Assessor, commented:

“It’s great to see a firm like Slater Heelis using Cyber Essentials to protect their firm from the most common Cyber Attacks by implementing controls recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre. With Cyber Crime on the increase, Cyber Essentials is an important step towards implementing a robust Cyber Security Program. Clients and other firms who work with Slater Heelis should take comfort that their data is in responsible hands.”

The certification has been awarded through accreditation body, the IASME Consortium.  Dr Emma Philpott, CEO of the IASME Consortium said:

“We’re delighted for Slater Heelis and I congratulate them for recognising the key role cyber security plays in any organisation. This certification is also a true demonstration to their clients and potential clients that Slater Heelis have invested in the security of their customers as much as their own.”

When Lawyer Checker’s Cyber Essentials services are used, law firms will enjoy the speed of being certified within 48 hours of completing a successful questionnaire. When the costs of a data breach will be the destruction of a reputation your firm has spent years creating, the £350+ VAT cost of Cyber Essentials will also provide the priceless peace of mind that you are on the path to protecting your data, client data and third party data.

Protect your law firm from exposure to cyber threats, use Lawyer Checker, experts in the legal sector, to help you defend your organisation and highlight to other firms and legal suppliers that you are proactively protecting yourself and others from online threats in a similar way to Slater Heelis.

Sign up for Cyber Essentials here.

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