Herbie goes bananas

Headline news last week was the diesel emissions scandal. The German car manufacturer Volkswagen admitted that over 1.1 million vehicles in the UK are fitted with a defect device to cheat emissions tests with the pressure now on for the Government to launch a full investigation.

In the summer, Lloyds lost the personal information of thousands of Lloyds Premier account customers. Account details and sort codes which were on a storage device were stolen from one of their data centres. Customers were advised to take out insurance cover against fraud to protect themselves in case their information was misused.

When choosing a supplier we put our faith in a reputable company: a big brand name or someone who has been reliably trading for years. But who do we trust? Should your clients trust you? Should you trust your clients?

Conveyancing Data Services (CDS) offer a range of products that you need to ensure your compliance.

Our Anti-Money Laundering Checks are extremely thorough and robust. The transparent processes enable you to know what checks are carried out, the results of the checks and how much certainty they give on the identity of the subject.

Lawyer Checker has been designed to help you reduce uncertainty in identifying the legitimacy of the vendor conveyancer. This search obtains information on the vendor conveyancer in relation to their client account details against an historic data base and in particular the frequency that these details have been used. This will enable you to assess the risk associated with the transaction and also highlight any possible human error in the reproduction of these details.

Let’s not forget CDS’s own compliance obligations, we are bound by the regulations and guidelines as set out by Council of Property Search Organisation (CoPSO). CDS is more than just members of CoPSO as we sit within the Executive committee, ensuring not only that we are compliant with the rigorous list of guidelines, but that we make sure the entire search industry stays ahead of the game when it comes to providing accurate, precise and reliable property data and searches.

To ensure you are ahead of the game order our Compliance Pack for £199.95 inc VAT which includes:

  • Personal Local Authority Search
  • Private Water and Drainage Search
  • Environmental Search (inc Flood Data)
  • Chancel Product
  • 2 AML Searches
  • Coal Search

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