Groundsure provides data to ITV’s ‘Tonight’ programme

Groundsure were recently approached by ITV’s ‘Tonight’ programme to advise on, and provide spatial data portraying known infrastructure and planned projects, relating to infrastructure with the potential to cause noise disturbance. The information supplied was used by the programme for their team to create ‘indicative noise maps’ covering the UK.

The data supplied to the ‘Tonight’ programme included major infrastructure projects, HS2, Crossrail 1, Major Roads, Train lines, Airports and known oil and gas wells. Data was collected from a range of sources including the Planning Inspectorate, Ordnance Survey Open data, High Speed 2, Crossrail and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Large UK planning applications over £5 million in value were sourced from Construction Insight providers ‘Glenigan’.

Groundsure’s GIS and Research teams collated this detail and provided clear and concise spatial data for ITV to interpret and create their visual maps.

an Montagnani, Managing Director for Groundsure said:

“As location intelligence experts we were delighted to assist ITV with their data request for this programme. It’s important for anyone looking to purchase a property or commercial site to know about any existing and potential Energy and Infrastructure projects that could affect their purchase.”

Whilst this programme concentrates on the effects of noise, there are many other factors to consider such as potential disruption to local access, the timescale of construction, and the potential impact on property value.

With over 90 known applications for Nationally Significant Infrastructure projects relating to energy alone, we strongly recommend potential purchasers undertake a Groundsure HS2 and Energy search. This search report identifies whether a property is within 25km of planning or existing oil, gas, coalbed, methane and shale gas exploration and extraction sites. It also identifies if the property is within 5k of Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the HS2 route, and within 500m of the Crossrail project.

The programme will feature on Friday 11th September at 8pm on ITV.

With a Groundsure HS2 and Energy report, it’s the smart, simple way to be certain.

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