Groundsure celebrate 20th anniversary with a promise to help tackle the climate crisis

Leading UK environmental search authority, Groundsure, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary by welcoming its clients and partners to a cruise on the Thames.

Since launching in 2001, Groundsure has grown in stature to become a market-leading environmental search authority. It has built successful partnerships with leading data, mapping, and technology providers, such as the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey, to help clients make informed and confident residential and commercial land property decisions.

In its first 20 years, Groundsure has applied its focus to the customer and harnessed the latest geo-spatial data technology to make its data reports clearer and more actionable. Now, looking ahead to the next 20 years, the business is focused on helping its clients meet the climate change challenge.

One of the biggest challenges facing the United Kingdom is rising sea levels, with coastal flooding being one of the highest priority risks on the United Kingdom’s National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies[1].

A study by Climate Central claims that many U.K cities, including London along the Thames Estuary, could be widely affected by flood water in 2030s.[2] With the Thames Barrier being used three times a year more than initially forecast[3], the UK capital is becoming increasingly vulnerable to flooding and rising sea level.

Dan Montagnani, CEO said:

“Everyone understands that climate change is a real and growing threat that will impact all of our lives in the coming decades. We see the effects now from flooding, sinkholes opening from long forgotten mines, and pollution threats to our groundwater.

“Homebuyers, lenders and property professionals can respond to this with clear insight ahead of transactions, so they understand better if these risks could affect the transaction.”

Dominic Tubb, Head of Product, said:

“The environmental impact of climate change will be devastating if not managed appropriately. At Groundsure we frequently review our products and approach to make sure that we solve problems and bring the change, tailoring everything to the current environmental landscape.”

As the global climate continues to undergo rapid and unprecedented changes, the frequency and severity of climate related incidents will increase. Residential conveyancers can access Groundsure Avista which offers ten key environmental searches intelligently filtered to produce the most comprehensive risk report on the market for their clients. The report includes data on mining, contaminated land, all four major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data.

Drew Hardy, Data Research Manager, said:

“Groundsure is on track to becoming an established and undisputable authority on all aspects of the search journey, with environmental affairs at the forefront of this.”

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