Are you ready for a revolution?

Do you want to:

  • Never have to consider which search report is most suitable again?
  • Never have to ask your client for more money for even more recommended searches?
  • Never want to worry about negligence if the correct search isn’t ordered?
  • Do you want to save time and money for both yourself and your client?
  • And finally provide the best in class service for your client ensuring they are making the most informed buying decisions?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you will want to read on.

Anyone dealing with land and property transactions will know it is a complete minefield when it comes to searches. There are multiple companies providing them, all with a multitude of products and services, but also all offering something with little differentiation.

Historically, searches are ordered in “packs”, with the content being dictated by the search provider. The “pack” would usually include a Local Search (CON29/LLC1), a drainage and water, an environmental and in some areas a CON29M coal search or other mining offering.

But what happens when you require another search that falls outside of your standard pack, and you are not made aware of this requirement until after you’ve requested funds from your client and had your standard pack delivered?

Enter Avista, the single, all singing, all dancing, all encompassing conveyancing due diligence search. The search that commonly includes flooding and contaminated land, but from the 1st July will also include data on the threat of coastal erosion, large scale infrastructure projects, mining of all types or an application for a new town.

Yes, this single report will shake up a very commoditised market, and it goes back to those questions I asked at the beginning…surely this sounds like the best option?

For many years Groundsure has led the way in the environmental search space. In 2017, we introduced the revolutionary “all in one” environmental search in Avista, and last year we launched the “all in one” mining and ground stability offering (GeoRisk +). But what if you only had to choose one single product that did all of this for you, had a unique dynamic front page based on the reports results, is powered by the Groundsure IQ, has a homebuyer focused boilerplate, plus a lot more. This is the future but it is not too far away. We are taking away that annoying and risky responsibility of “do I, don’t I, what is the most important search for my clients transaction in the north-east, or in London?” Let Avista, the single search do the talking and take away any risk factors involved in not choosing the “right” report.

With the all new Avista, key assessments are underpinned by the new and vast National Brownfield Risk and Mining and Stability Models. It saves you time, means no additional searches are required because it covers them all, and most importantly it provides you with better due diligence reducing both conveyancer and consumer exposure.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients think…..

“With regards to the proposal I have to say I really like it. I think the subtle changes should reduce the amount of follow up questions clients are going to have but yet still provide the exact same information as before.”

Sean Reeves, Head of Residential Property, SMR Legal

“I think the concept is great. It is much more accessible and user friendly for conveyancers and clients alike.”

Amir Hamzavi, Consultant Solicitor, Setfords Solicitors

“I have to say that they look really great and much clearer in terms of the results and how to interpret them.”

Tom Parkinson, Head of Residential Property, Rowlinsons Solicitors

Don’t get left behind – for more information about the imminent transformation of Avista visit:

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