Groundsure adds alternative HS2 route into reports

Following the announcement of a new proposed route for HS2, Groundsure now believe that this route may receive approval and as such have manually digitised the new route and added this second route into their HS2 reports with immediate effect.

Please note that this new route data has not been officially approved or released, and won’t be available until the Secretary of State approves the proposal, which is unlikely to happen this year.

During the interim period, Groundsure strongly advise that this new improved HS2 content from Groundsure is flagged to all purchasers considering properties within the vicinity of either route.

Advice for Homebuyers

  • All relevant reports now factor in both proposed routes to ensure that potential risks are flagged
  • All reports to date and going forward carry a disclaimer that highlights that the routes are consultative at this stage only and may still change
  • If your client purchased a report during the interim period, and believe that they are now affected please ask them to contact us directly on [email protected]

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