Get Ready For 1 May CQS Changes With Support From Legal Eye

Legal Eye’s associates have been pouring over the changes to the CQS’s Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS) and are now offering firms a gap analysis so that management can clearly see where there are holes in the firm’s current systems vis a vis the new standards.

Available as a one-off purchase, a gap analysis is the ideal way for firms to create an action plan that will ensure the firm is compliant ahead of the 1 May implementation deadline.

Firms can also access support and guidance to help in adapting and developing policies and procedures – whether it is operational or system changes that are needed; or whether new policies or procedures need to be introduced.

One of Legal Eye’s experienced specialist advisers can be engaged to provide bespoke support (either at your office or via remote access); or firms can purchase standalone templates for the firm to complete on their own.

You can access a free comparison table highlighting the new elements which have been introduced to the CPMS and all of the areas that have been updated here.

The Law Society is also introducing on site visits to firms. These will be both practice and reactive. In addition, the number of remote assessments of firms’ compliance systems will increase.

These visits are likely to be carried out by an independent assessment body although we await full details.

Firms who receive a visit will be provided with a corrective action report after the visit so that firms can continually improve. It is also anticipated that a greater degree of knowledge sharing will take place amongst the wider CQS community facilitated by the Law Society.

So what should firms do next? Legal Eye’s Director of Business Development Jody Evans said: “Firms need to prepare in advance of the 1 May deadline by reminding themselves of the three values of CQS; reviewing the new Core Practice Management Standards; and making any necessary changes to the firm’s policies, procedures and practices by the effective date.

“Firms will benefit from the comparison table that we’ve drawn up to save clients time in reviewing the changes themselves. We’re making this available to everyone at no charge and would encourage you to click on the link to access a copy. We’re now offering a range of support for CQS firms, or those looking to achieve the standard for the first time, ranging from a one-off standalone purchase of documentation to completely bespoke individual support from our team.”

You can access a free comparison table highlighting the new elements which have been introduced to the CPMS and all of the areas that have been updated here

Please speak to one of our advisers for more details on how we can support you in preparing for the 1 May deadline. Contact Legal Eye for assistance or complete the form below for more information or to make an enquiry.


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