Future Climate Info Adds Air Quality Data to Environmental Reports

Future Climate Info (FCI), a leading environmental search provider in the UK has today announced that air quality data will be included in all FCI reports at no extra cost.

With news that poor air quality can knock up to 15% off house prices1 as potential property buyers reject ‘unhealthy homes’, air pollution is becoming an increasing concern for the public and FCI recognises the importance of monitoring emerging environmental considerations and providing the most up-to-date data information to solicitors, conveyancers and their clients.

As an environmental search provider, FCI are aware of the benefits around reporting and bringing air quality data to the market, enabling property buyers to understand the air quality risks associated with where they are looking to purchase their next property as well as contributing to the overall awareness of the ongoing poor air quality issue in the UK. Although the new dataset will not affect the result of the report, it will allow FCI to provide a good indication of whether there is a potential risk from air pollutants within an area, as well as providing professional guidance and relevant links to help assist with the next steps. The data, which is now included in all FCI reports is provided by DEFRA and will indicate whether a property is in or within 500 metres of an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) as well as listing the local authority, exactly what pollutants have been detected and the distance of these pollutants to the property.

By adding the new dataset within all FCI reports, we are able to provide awareness and knowledge upfront, so clients can make well-informed decisions without the result of the report being directly affected. The air quality data will show a good indication of existing and future air quality issues and will be a welcomed addition to our all-in-one environmental reports.

For more information about our environmental reports or to request a sample, please email [email protected], alternatively, call 01279 798111.


  1. Telegraph (May 2017) ‘High pollution is reducing house prices by 15pc as buyers reject ‘unhealthy’ homes’ Available at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/13/high-pollution-reducing-house-prices-15pc-buyers-reject-unhealthy/ (Accessed 7 June 2017)

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