Fuel your clients’ protection with Searches UK!

Did you know that you can protect your clients against some of the associated costs they may incur when purchasing a property?

Today more than ever, the process of moving home requires significant capital outlay and sometimes things can go wrong, potentially leaving your client significantly out of pocket. That’s why leading search provider Searches UK, provide ‘Buyer Protect’, a unique reimbursement scheme that covers buyers against some of the associated charges incurred when purchasing a property.

Buyer Protect helps lawyers win more conveyancing business whilst giving clients peace of mind and saving them money. This increasingly popular protection scheme has paid out to every customer covered who has claimed due to the property purchase falling through at no fault of their own.

Information on Buyer Protect is now more accessible to the public than ever as Searches UK will be advertising at petrol stations in various cities including Leeds, Manchester and Bristol. Searches UK expect to receive a high volume of direct enquiries from the public regarding this product, and these enquires will be fielded to lawyers registered with Searches UK. So if you want a head start, register with Searches UK today for FREE and start placing your orders now.

Managing Director at Searches UK, Andrew Stenning said:

“Our Buyer Protect reimbursement scheme has become one of the most popular products we offer at Searches UK. This is no surprise when the cost of moving home continues to increase. As a leading search provider, it is important that we do whatever possible to ease the stress and costs associated with purchasing property and inform the public of the benefits that are available to them.”

Buyer Protect will reimburse your client for the following:

  • Up to £500 in non-refundable mortgage lender arrangement fees, mortgage broker fees, product and booking fees;
  • Up to £750 in valuation fees (homebuyer, structural surveys etc.); and
  • Up to £800 in solicitors fees and disbursement costs.

Purchase your searches as part of a Searches UK Buyer Protect Search Pack to make use of these fantastic benefits.

Buyer Protect will cover costs for a multitude of reasons; for further information on this reimbursement scheme, or about any of the products and services offered by Searches UK, please email them at [email protected], visit their website at www.searchesuk.co.uk or call for FREE on 0800 043 1815.

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