FREE Webinar Hosted By Index! “Evidencing Lender Handbook Compliance”

Index is delighted to be hosting a FREE webinar in conjunction with Lexsure “Evidencing Lender Handbook Compliance” will take place on Wednesday 27th May at 10:30am

The UK Finance Mortgage Handbook is vast. Changes to the lender specific instruction contained within Part 2 of the handbook occur frequently without notice.

The challenge of lender compliance isn’t going away. In fact there has been a one-way complexity creep over the last 20 years. It’s not unreasonable to assume that in the months to come requests by lenders for files will be on the increase. This will inevitably bring Handbook compliance into sharper focus.

It is more important than ever that technology supports conveyancers in managing PII risk and obligations to lender clients. This free 30 minute webinar will focus on the complexity of lender compliance and technological solutions.

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