Flood and ground stability webinar

With the winter months now upon us flood is a key risk to consider especially those areas where this was a concern last year.

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For homebuyers asking what information is available to report flooding will be answered. Subsidence – what are the main causers and what features to look out for will be discussed.

Date: Tuesday 15th November
Time: 11:00am

Details: What will be covered?

• Law Society practice note
• CML view
• Stats – Current (infographic) and projected (source: Association of Drainage Authorities)
• Data – why it’s important to use more than one source
• Case study
• Effects on property
• Flood Re
• Choosing the right report

Ground Stability
• Subsidence – general stats
• Natural sources (shrink-swell, dissolution etc)
• Man-made sources – mining activities / infilled land etc
• Groundsure examples – utilising our data to demonstrate real life examples
• Choosing the right report 

If you have any questions about our webinar programme or would like to speak to our specialists please contact us. For those who can’t attend our live session, we’ll provide a recording.

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