Flood search for the unpredictable

With warnings of more floods to reach the UK, it’s essential for conveyancing solicitors to research flood risks for homebuyers.

People in England and Wales have been cautioned to prepare for more severe weather and flooding after homes in the coastal village of Coverack, in Cornwall, were flooded.

Several people were airlifted to safety by helicopter, leaving their homes and belongings in ruins. Approximately 50 homes and businesses were affected by the disaster.

Last week, a yellow warning was put in place by the Met office to prepare for more heavy rainfall. Although the forecasts suggest further thunderstorms are unlikely, there is a chance of unexpected localised flooding that could affect more homes, businesses and roads.

British weather has always been uncertain, but very rarely do these islands experience the worst extremes of Mother Nature. However, weather patterns have noticeably changed on a global scale in recent years. This year saw the warmest June since 1910. Rainfall was also well above average, with some areas receiving three times more than average levels.

While the UK is unlikely to suffer an earthquake of the magnitude that struck Greece and Turkey last week and the subsequent environmental fallout, extreme flooding has become more prevalent across the country in recent years, and as last week’s events in Coverack demonstrate, are not confined to the winter months.

There is no doubt that the environment is extremely unpredictable. But high-quality environmental search reports do offer insight into historic weather patterns that can support your clients to make an informed decision about purchasing property.

Ordering a Residential Flood Search or a Commercial Flood Risk Search is quick and easy. At Searches UK, we process many Flood Searches for a wide range of property types and locations spanning the whole of England and Wales.

You may not think you need a Flood Search, but with an estimated one in six properties at risk of flooding in England and Wales, this is definitely worth exploring further. Obtaining a Flood Search report for each property purchase is becoming increasingly important among leading firms.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said: “It is a standard condition of all mortgages for the property to be covered by standard buildings insurance, including flood cover, for the full term of the contract to protect the borrower and the lender. If insurance is not available, then it is unlikely that the property will be mortgageable.”

Flood Reports from Searches UK provide information about surface water (pluvial), ground water and other flood risks. With flooding becoming more of a concern for homebuyers, it is increasingly important to ensure this type of report is included within a standard search pack.

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