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Clarity and transparency is essential in any transaction; and the information which underpins a property purchase is no different. This is especially true of environmental searches – a specialist area where some legal practitioners may feel less confident advising on, especially if an issue such as contaminated land or flooding is flagged up.

Environmental search reports have been around for more than twenty years and for much of that time have been too long, too complex and difficult to interpret. Frequently, one report would indicate an issue only to ask you to buy another to get a clearer picture.

When Future Climate Info (FCI) was established in 2014, one of the most important pieces of feedback from our conveyancer focus groups was the need for transparency. Both for the conveyancer or solicitor in making an informed selection of an appropriate search product easy, and for the client to understand any present risks and how to approach them with confidence.

Building on our long experience in the market, we designed a suite of residential search reports, characterised by a modular approach to the key environmental risks which offer continuity of results and transparency of choice.  Those modules are clearly highlighted on the front page for an immediate appreciation of any present risks.

Crucially, whilst reviewing all the available environmental information, we set out to highlight only the relevant features within a radius of the property that could have a material impact on the value of the asset or the quiet enjoyment of the home. Fully compliant with Law Society guidance on contaminated land and flooding, we forensically examinine whether the client’s property really is at risk.

This cuts through to the issues that count and helps conveyancers, solicitors and their clients quickly move on to other matters if no realistic risks are presented in the search.

Where issues are identified there are clear next steps, as well as options for supporting insurance, additional guidance and advanced consultancy assessments, all designed to keep the transaction moving.

For the conveyancer or solicitor, desk time is reduced, paper is saved, and client care is improved with an efficient and solutions-focused approach.

FCI have changed the story on environmental search reports. By putting clients first, we delivered a step change in innovation. We have led where others follow. By challenging the market, we have introduced change for the better: robust detail and support, but through more concise reports covering all risks, at great value.

Join the #DataInnovator Revolution today – find out how much easier FCI environmental searches can be for you and your client.

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    Congratulations on what you are doing?

    Is it the intention that this will feed into an industry-wide, standard and comprehensive taxonomy of all information required in the course of property transactions?

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