Is your firm’s Client Care Pack compliant?

Where your clients are concerned, first impressions count.

The initial contact with clients is one of the most vital aspects of your business, establishing trust and confidence in your firm’s reputation from the offset.

Extending beyond client interests, ensuring appropriate delivery of client correspondence is a legal obligation.

Law firms are obliged by regulators to ensure that client care documentation is not only supplied, but presented in an understandable way. Whilst your firm may provide clients with all of the required information, how can you ensure that it’s delivered in a way that’s straightforward?

The Legal Eye Client Care Pack can provide your firm with confidence when it comes to making that all important first impression.

Recognising that compliance can be time-consuming, we can provide you with a Client Care Pack which gives your firm a comprehensive set of documents, both concise and compliant.

The pack is composed of four key items:

  • Client Care Letter
  • Full Terms of Business
  • Client Care Policy
  • Complaints Policy

As well as enabling you to confidently present your firm to clients, Legal Eye’s Client Care Pack removes the need for your firm to redraft documents, saving valuable time and resources.

At Legal Eye, we understand that keeping up to date with regulatory demand can be difficult. Why not leave it to the experts?

To discover how our Client Care Packs could help your firm, click here.

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