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Euston Road is the second of three blue properties on the London Monopoly board.

Euston Road is situated in the London Borough of Camden and was known as “the New Road from Paddington to Islington”. The road was originally built to provide a route for sheep and cattle to be taken to the famous Smithfield Market so ended in Islington. It was also intended to be a quicker route for army units to exit London and to reach the Essex coast, should there be a threat of invasion.

St Pancras church was founded in c.600 it is one of the oldest Christian sites in England. Pancras was the orphaned Christian son of a Phrygian nobleman who was decapitated on the 12th May 304AD for refusing to betray his Christian faith. Ten years later it is believed that the first church was built on the site. St Pancras church as we know it today is nearly 200 years old, designed by local architect William Inwood and his son Henry.

‘New Road’ was built in 1756, it was sanctioned by an Act of Parliament which stipulated that no new buildings should be erected on new foundations within fifty feet of the road. The result was that by the early 1800’s the road was lined with just terraced residential properties with long gardens around garden squares.

Smallpox Hospital was moved to New Road in 1767 from Tottenham Court Road, but eventually it was cleared away in the mid 1840’s for Kings Cross Station which was opened in 1852 for Great Northern and Midland Railways.

On the 20th July 1837 the original Euston Station was opened by London and Birmingham Railway, it underwent many extensions before the station was rebuilt between 1961 and 1969. Only two Portland stone entrance lodges and the war memorial still survive from the old station.

With the construction of Kings Cross Good’s Station in 1850, King’s Cross station in 1852 and the Regents Canal (completed in 1820) which all brought goods into and out of the area, King’s Cross became the busiest goods handling area in the early 19th Century.

In 1857 the Metropolitan Board of Works recommended that New Road be renamed. So the central section of the road became Euston Road which was named after the Fitzroy family, who were prominent property owners in the area and whose family country house was called Euston Hall.

In the early 1890’s Elizabeth Garrett Anderson founded the New Hospital for Women where women patients were treated by women doctors. She became the first woman doctor in the UK when she qualified as a doctor in 1865 and worked hard to achieve equality for women. The hospital was later renamed the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital and continued to treat women until 2000.

During the Second World War the south of Euston Road experienced extensive bomb damage. To the west side of King’s Cross station damage is still evident in the ‘bomb gap’, south of the suburban train shed.

Listed Buildings

The Wellcome Institute

194-200 Euston Road

St Pancras church (Grade I listed)

Friend’s House

161-167 Euston Road

Euston Fire Station 172 Euston Road (Grade II listed)

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital (Grade II listed)

Statue of Robert Stephenson forecourt of Euston Station


The Euston Area Plan (EAP) has been jointly prepared by Camden Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London to ensure that residents and business get the best possible future. There are proposals to make use of the period buildings and to create greener space.

There are also plans for a new super-terminal at Euston with a proposal for the HS2 line to terminate there. The new station would bulldoze some nearby council housing which in turn would need replacing with affordable homes.

Regents Place was recently built and is a big office and residential “campus” which includes Facebook’s new HQ.

The Triton Building is a new residential tower offering 94 apartments and penthouses.


The average sold price of a Flat in June 2014 was £707,789.

The average sold price of a Terraced House in June was £1,192,357.

If purchasing a property in Camden Conveyancing Data Services recommended searches are Groundsure Energy, Groundsure Underground Report and a Groundsure HS2.

The nearest Underground is Euston Station however Euston Square, Warren Street and Kings Cross St Pancras are also on Euston Road.

The nearest Overground is Euston Station.

The average rent for a two bedroomed Flat in Camden is £2478.


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