ETSOS: A November to Remember

ETSOS have more than enough reason to celebrate this month.  The 22nd November sees ETSOS attending and exhibiting at the Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) conference ‘Embracing the future of conveyancing’.
This news makes it a double celebration for ETSOS since it has been confirmed that, despite less than two trading years, they have “broken through the 1500 registered user mark”.
Managing Director at ETSOS, Philip Natusch is said to be delighted with the seal of approval and comments:
“We’re very pleased to be partnering so closely with the SLC and their confidence in our product and our people is testament to the quality of the former and the calibre of the latter. For a company committed to transforming search provision and technology, it’s a real boost to be recognised in this way and we’re looking forward to serving SLC members in the future.”
With 18 months of sustained growth ETSOS have outperformed the market, reaching the 1500 user mark six months ahead of their target.  Since launching in Spring 2010 ETSOS now boasts a client acquisition rate for this quarter 47 per cent higher than the previous quarter.
Philip Natusch comments:
“We set out with a very basic premise — if you give people exactly what they want, they will buy. We have plenty of experience of the sector, we listened to what those in it were saying and their message was very clear — give us simplicity and service when it comes to search. 
We couldn’t think of anything more simple than a free to use, Amazon-style online supermarket for searches and related conveyancing products so that’s what we developed; backing it up with good people on the ground to ensure that simple never gets complicated. Judging from the numbers, it’s gone down very well and we’re now focusing on new ideas like our conveyancer/estate agent referral and quotation system to deliver even more value to the customer base.”
The SLC commented that it is pleased to be working with ETSOS as an ordering platform for value added conveyancing products such as surveys and legal indemnity insurance. SLC wishes to clarify that it does not have preferred suppliers for searches and is delighted that companies such as TM, PSG and STL are sponsoring and exhibiting at the SLC conference in Derby
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