Environmental Reports: What Lies Beneath?

Future Climate Info (FCI) has created an innovative suite of Environmental Reports that analyses data on Contaminated Land, Flood,Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure.

What lies beneath…

Data / Exception Layer

  • Extensive site history analysis of England and Wales.
  • FCI has scanned, geo-rectified and analysed editions of the historical maps dating back to the mid-19th century.
  • A unique exception layer that works out whether potential issues could still affect you instead of reporting issues that are no longer relevant.


  • FCI has the benefit of a £100,000 remediation insurance policy.


  • Each section of the report is fully compliant with the Law Society and PCCB.
  • FCI are RICS accredited.

Professional Opinion

  • The Professional Opinion by RICS accredited Environmental Surveyor is on all elements of the report – not just Contaminated Land.

Concise report

  • Front page summary with “Next Steps” detailed.
  • Full dataset list at the back of the report.
  • Average 7 page report for a residential property

Next Steps

  • Solutions for every issue highlighted — i.e. further searches / services / insurance
  • No further Flood Reports needed – full flood data available in each report. Why buy twice, when you can buy once.


  • Competitive pricing — no need for additional searches.


  • Established Team of experts – 60 years of experience – to answer your queries.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us on 01279 798111 or email us at [email protected].

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