Enhanced Flood Reports incorporate Groundwater Flood Risk Maps – The first of its kind to be available in England and Wales

Groundwater flooding is a major problem in high risk areas but an improved report which is available from Searches UK will enable homebuyers to determine if the property they are planning to buy is at risk of being flooded. 
The new report which is generated by Landmark is the first of its kind to reveal data about groundwater flooding. Until now, there has not been any authoritative information to show this type of data but after the publication of the ESI National Groundwater Flood Risk Map it is now clear that only half the areas thought to be susceptible to groundwater flooding are actually at risk, with just 12% of the land area of England and Wales situated within areas at risk of groundwater flooding. 
By combining information on likelihood and severity, the new map provides vital data to indicate for the first time where property is at risk. The findings are presented in a comprehensive series of new data sets and the information provided will have a major impact not only on the way in which land is assessed and prepared for development, but also the speed at which property purchase transactions can take place.
The data will be incorporated into the Landmark proprietary risk assessment reports and is significantly more accurate than other data sources; this means Searches UK’s solicitors and conveyancers can more accurately highlight any risk to new homebuyers.
Managing Director at Searches UK, Andrew Stenning said: “These enhanced reports give our clients even more information about flooding which can be passed onto lenders and homebuyers. This is a valuable screening tool which will help clarify the level of the risk to the property. At Searches UK we continue to review and develop the products we offer clients to provide them with the best searches and reports in the market.”
Groundwater flooding typically occurs after long periods of sustained high rainfall and takes longer to dissipate than surface water. Groundwater floods can persist for several weeks and even months following severe flooding. Recently, many locations have seen groundwater levels rise by more than 10 metres thanks to prolonged and persistent rainfall conditions.
For more information about Searches UK and these enhanced reports, please telephone 0845 2411 815 or visit www.searchesuk.co.uk.
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