Energy and Infrastructure – Check before you buy

Energy consumption, like electricity and gas, is something we all take for granted, and with the supply of fossil fuels running low and the effect they have on the environment, fracking and renewable energy sources are becoming ever more present in this country.

Wind and solar farms are the future of green energy, but often undesirable to the surrounding communities; with concerns about the affect their proximity may have on house prices. In the South Wales area alone there are currently 21 wind farms in operation, another 3 under construction and 12 awaiting construction. Many people think they are blighting the countryside; other complaints include the transportation of blades etc. during the build causing disruption and pollution to the local area and constant noise during operation. Solar farms are not currently seen in South Wales but there are 4 under construction at the moment and a staggering 25 farms awaiting construction, so they will become a much more common sight to us all. Although there are concerns about sacrificing such a large amount of agricultural land to them and the affect this would have on the wildlife, it seems the new influx of solar farms is on its way. Along with these planned constructions there are 17 licensed areas for onshore energy exploration and production for the controversial industry of fracking. Fracking has been highly opposed all over the country; reports of the chemicals used in the process contaminating the surface water causing infertility and cancer and the method used to extract the gas causing ground instability. It is more important than ever to be aware where these licenses have been granted as the desirability to live in any nearby communities is likely to fall dramatically.

Wind farms, solar farm and fracking are almost certainly going to become a huge issue in the future of conveyancing. With so much planning and so many licenses already granted in the South Wales area alone, an Energy and Infrastructure search is the only way to ensure your client is completely informed. Don’t leave it to chance; check before your clients buy. For more information call us on 0800 975 8080 or email [email protected]

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