Don’t take a risk with contaminated land

A recent article from Groundsure has uncovered that contaminated land is more prevalent than originally thought. The article has stated that former industrial land across England and Wales could be twice as contaminated than original figures suggested, meaning that these sites now occupy around 4% of land across the UK.

With these new statistics being uncovered, contaminated land is becoming a huge issue for homebuyers. Ensure your clients are aware of any risks of contaminated land to their property by ordering your searches via Searches UK’s intuitive software. Intelligent software is vital for conveyancers to ensure they are ordering appropriate searches to enable them to give important, accurate advice and peace of mind to their clients.

Searches UK’s platform recognises potentially unknown hazards which may exist on a property, highlighting when and which additional searches may be required to be undertaken. With over 15 potential hazard alerts, solicitors and conveyancers can rest assured knowing that their risk on case files is reduced further when ordering through Searches UK.

Searches UK offer an extensive range of environmental searches, working alongside environmental search specialists Groundsure, Landmark and Future Climate Info; they cover all areas of environmental issues that could have a negative effect on a property, with clear, concise and efficient information.

With these shocking figures revealing the likelihood of contaminated land causing negative effects on large amounts of property transactions across England and Wales, you can relax with the knowledge that your clients are receiving accurate environmental information on their properties, supplied from the most recent and authentic data.

Sales and Marketing Director of Searches UK, Lisa Summerton commented:

“It’s shocking to see these new figures rising across England and Wales, but we are confident that our intelligent online ordering platform generates environmental searches that are based on the highest quality data, and are proud to work alongside leading environmental search specialists to offer our clients accurate and reliable information.”

To find out more about Searches UK and the services offered, please visit or call 0800 043 1815.

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