Don’t let your clients fall victim to sinkholes

A recent article from Future Climate Information (FCI) has uncovered that the changing effect of rainfall and ground conditions in the UK has seen a dramatic increase in subsidence, commonly known as sinkholes.

The article from FCI has stated that homes, gardens, roads, churches, lakes, farms and entire towns: are all examples of areas where sinkholes have literally swallowed up the ground.

Sinkholes are the collapse or lowering of the ground which can be caused by a number of things such as shrink-swells due to different soil types, drainage patterns, man-made disturbances and more.

Searches UK offer Residential and Commercial Subsidence Searches from leading environmental search specialists Groundsure, Landmark and Future Climate Info. These reports disclose any risks relating to subsidence and highlights issues to homebuyers in order to avoid potential costly repairs.

Alongside a range of Environmental Flood Reports available form Searches UK, their smart online ordering platform also highlights over 15 potential hazards that may be present on a property that may not have been prominent from the outset. Making sure your clients aware of the risks to a property, such as flooding and ground subsidence which may not have originally been a concern.

Searches UK Managing Director, Andrew Stenning commented:

“With sinkhole figures in the UK rising dramatically, it is becoming essential to identify ground stability within property searches. Working alongside market leading environmental search specialists means we can supply accurate and meticulous data, so you are confident that your clients are receiving precise property searches, allowing them to make more informed decisions.”

To find out more about Searches UK and the services offered, please visit or call 0800 043 1815.

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