Don't be Conservative about your conveyancing move

With the recent death of Maggie Thatcher and George Osbourne’s budgets being released just 3 weeks ago, it’s unsurprising that politics is at the forefront of everybody’s mind.
Whilst the Iron Lady was arguably one of the most controversial Prime Minsters to have been elected, it is a known fact that she shaped the property market of today. With  her privatisation of social housing and right to buy schemes she without a doubt “funded the growth in home ownership”.

However taking a closer look at today’s situation, what is going on in the housing market? Well it seems that the Conservative mission to invest and assists new homeowners is still there. With First Buy, New Buy and the return of the 95% LTV mortgage it seems that not only an investment has been made but a real push to stimulate the economy through the housing market is well on it’s way. Not long after Osborne’s budget, shares in house builders increased in value and I for one saw an increase in requirements.

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