DMARC, Email Spoofing and How to Protect Yourself

When it comes to cyber crime, email is a law firm’s biggest risk.

Though awareness around email interception has grown, it still poses a significant threat to client money, with reported cases demonstrating the devastating impact that scams can have on both clients and firms.

The methods that fraudsters use are continually evolving and becoming increasingly difficult to mitigate. No longer is it just a case of a criminal masquerading as a client, they’re now taking on the identity of firms – a threat which every firm is at risk of. Anyone can send an email directly to your customers, suppliers or employees pretending to be you, potentially resulting in irreparable reputational as well as financial damage.

What’s more, as 60% of all cyber crimes reported to the SRA are email modification frauds, with their recent Risk Outlook Spring Update citing conveyancing firms as a common target.

The continued prominence of email modification fraud in the legal sector is clear – now is time for firms to take preventative action.

Setting out to help protect firms against the growing risk of fraud, Lawyer Checker are launching OnDMARC, a web-based service which enables professionals to effectively safeguard their email against cyber threats.

With email being the most significant risk for firms, can you afford not to implement a solution that safeguards you from…

– Liability from loss of client funds

– CEO/Friday Afternoon Fraud

– A criminal effectively impersonating you to clients, suppliers or any other third party

Lawyer Checker are inviting professionals to watch our dedicated DMARC webinar, providing an overview of DMARC and how it combats email impersonation and spoofing.

Delivered by Lawyer Checker’s own Victoria Cope, the webinar will provide those who missed out with a key insight into the service, explaining how it goes beyond the protective remit of other tools in its operation as well as how it works for firms on a practical level.

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