Dedicated to their duty – Milton Keynes law firm implement Lawyer Checker to combat the criminal conveyancer

Milton Keynes Property Lawyers Kingsley David Solicitors are keen to ensure that the conveyancing service they provide treats each and every transaction and client on its individual merits. Each property transaction is not just a file; each is a valued client.

Kingsley David aim to deliver a promise which provides a thorough and professional conveyancing service. This dedication and attention to detail has led to Kingsley David Solicitors implementing the Lawyer Checker AES (Account and Entity Screen) search into its processes for managing the risk associated with residential conveyancing transactions.

Applying a blanket policy when carrying out the AES search to all of its residential conveyancing transactions, Kingsley David ensures that as a firm they are able to demonstrate Outcomes Focussed thinking across the board for this specific and very current risk.

Kingsley David have armed themselves well with the potential protection a simple AES search can offer; they are taking reasonable steps when verifying that the recipient firm is a genuine one – an expectation of the SRA following its recent update in March.

7 years standing and still going strong after what has been a tumultuous time for the property industry, this firm prides itself on offering the very best service investing themselves and their time in ensuring that transactions run as smoothly as possible.

As Licensed Conveyancer Marc Lansdell explains:

“Here at Kingsley David we pride ourselves on the strong professional service we give to our clients. Our aim is to combine this with efficiency and where possible keep the stress and worries of moving home to a minimum. A check to see that the client’s money (buyer and lender funds) are being sent to a bona fide recipient is an obvious one and we are delighted that Lawyer Checker is able to offer us this service in a simple, cost effective and efficient way meaning that more of our time is taken up with actually looking after our client.

“We have applied a blanket policy to the use of the AES search as it is imperative to us to do and demonstrate that we have done everything reasonably possible to ensure we know where the funds are being sent. Where monies are to be remitted to another firm, regardless of how well we know that firm, the integration of a Lawyer Checker search into our processes means that our team will be able, along with the firm’s COLP, to make an informed decision.”

About Lawyer Checker

A well-known risk management tool; Lawyer Checker demonstrates whether or not an account has had a track record of successful use within conveyancing.

21st century conveyancing transactions run the inherent risk of a cyber-attack and identity theft is rife within the industry.

In 2014 the industry put this area at the top of their agenda. Over 549 reports of bogus law firms were reported in just one year; Lawyer Checker searches are now the go-to check for over 400 firms before they send funds.

The simple checks allow firms to safeguard themselves and their clients against the many dangers involved in remission of funds.

AES Account and Entity Screen – What it does:

Step 1: LC checks the account details provided against its database to give an indication of whether the account has a track record of successful use in conveyancing transactions.

Step 2 (where a ‘good’ track record is not found): The LC team conducts live checks on over 10 databases providing further research on the firm associated with the account being checked.

Due diligence requires all solicitors and conveyancers to check the firm they are sending monies to. Checking the roll of solicitors is no longer enough.

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