De-stress your clients…

…and increase profitability.

Buying or selling a property is one of the most significant and stressful transactions that your clients will undertake. If you could to keep them up to date through every single step in the conveyancing process without countless telephone calls, meetings, emails and letters, it would help to give them complete peace of mind and make them feel like a truly valued client whilst significantly improving your operational efficiency.

inCase’s conveyancing app does exactly this.

Clients can access inCase anywhere, anytime. You can send letters, messages and documents to your clients instantly. They can reply to your enquiries at the first chance they get, even if they have just finished a night shift! You will be providing a service that suits your clients and every firm that uses inCase has seen an increase in customer satisfaction results.

inCase integrates seamlessly with virtually all current case management systems including Proclaim, Visual Files, SOS, Eclipse, etc and many, many others. What’s more, the foundations of inCase mean it can integrate with ALL major case management systems. Our integration team is highly skilled and has completed more integrations than anyone else!

inCase improves security too! A recent survey by DMARC shows that 99% of law firms are still vulnerable to email fraud and, according to the NatWest 2017 Legal Benchmarking Report, 24% of legal firms had been hit by fraud or cybercrime within the last year! inCase helps provide a secure communication tool with your client, eliminating the need to post and email documents whilst providing reassurance about the intended recipient.

However much you spend on increased security, the weakest link will often be your client. They tend to use unsophisticated email providers and insecure login passwords. inCase is more secure than email, calls and post. To access the data on inCase, the client is automatically created a login from your CMS when you open a file. Most modern smartphones require fingerprint recognition to unlock the device or require a unique pin to get into the phone.

inCase makes it easy to track behaviours and see relevant and accurate management information. You can improve and grow your business by measuring areas of your operation that you didn’t think was possible. You can even use your branding to complement your own corporate identity or we can provide you with a completely bespoke app that can include such add-ons as questionnaire builders, payment system, appointment setting and marketing tools.

inCase is completely scalable with continuous upgrades. It is ‘self-sufficient’ out of the box and can be altered to suit your bespoke business requirements then scaled up to meet demand. We also make sure your investment is future-proof by continually developing inCase to be at the forefront of technology.

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