Create great customer service in Conveyancing

Creating confidence in your clients is key – but how do we achieve this when busy and under pressure?

The latest details for the next Minerva conversation has been released. This series of webinars has brought together some of the best influencers, regulators and experts within the legal industry.

This time sees a bevy of brilliant people from the conveyancing sector. Having always had to finely balance the needs and demands of the client, agent, broker, panel manager and lender to name a few, conveyancing is without a doubt one of laws most difficult areas of speciality to achieve great customer service all of the time.

The past twelve to eighteen months in particular has seen unbelievable pressure. As there is a movement away from the SDLT June deadline, how do we move through the next few months and navigate through the next hurdles of the September deadline and heading into Christmas – all with the unknown factor of Covid’s impact as we approach ‘Freedom’ day?

Join, Claire Yates from CY Training Works, Richard Carter from British Conveyancing Awards winning firm Martin Tolhurst and Sarah Keegan from the tech embracing and forward thinking CS Partnership.

Hosted by Minerva’s Sales Director, Richard Mathias, the discussion will talk about all things great service including:

  • What does good customer service look like in conveyancing?
  • What are the challenges that the sector faces?
  • What are the solutions
  • Top 3 tips on delivering the best customer service
  • What does the future look like?

When: Tuesday 20th July  at 10am

To register click here if you can’t make the live session a recording will be sent to all registrants.


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